Deposito d’Arte Italiana Presente 

Curated by Ilaria Bonacossa and Vittoria Martini, the “Deposito d’Arte Italiana Presente” (Warehouse of Present-Day Italian Art) is Artissima’s new cultural project on Italian art. The Deposito will contain remarkable works loaned by Piedmont-based institutions and private collections, together with pieces from the galleries taking part in the fair, acknowledging their outstanding role in shaping the history of contemporary art in our country.

For this new project, Artissima has taken inspiration from one of the most innovative experiences in 1960s Torino, a moment of great artistic vitality: the Deposito d’Arte Presente (1967–68). A place of production and display of works by emerging artists organised by Marcello Levi (1922–2014), the Deposito – in the words of the scholar Robert Lumley – was “an extemporaneous, non-permanent collection … a space for the present, for a type of art connected to the hic et nunc and stripped of any sacred character.”

With the “Deposito d’Arte Italiana Presente” Artissima retrieves that format, shifting it into the present time and using it as a conceptual setting for a project that absorbs the operative modes of the original. The Deposito is not really an exhibition, but a place to trigger a narration on the last 20 years of Italian art, to capture it today and understand its future developments, creating a dynamic place for display and discussion.

Artissima therefore is not just a platform for curatorial research, but also a public manifestation of the space in which gallerists, collectors and museums conserve works.

Artissima organises a large-scale thematic exhibition at the Oval pavilion that celebrates the great public collections of Torino and its region. For the first time in 2016, the show combines both art works from major museums and foundations and loans from important private collections. The result is a unique exhibition titled In Mostra, in which Piemonte’s commitment to collecting at the highest international level is displayed. Curated this year by Simone Menegoi, the project, entitled ‘corpo.gesto.postura’ (‘body.gesture.posture.’), focuses on the human figure and the exploration of the body in art. The selection includes sculptures and videos, paintings and photographs, performances and drawings from the nineteenth century to the present. Some works evoke a dialogue between statues and living bodies, while others relate the artistic representation and evocation of the body.

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