#ArtissimaLive. The aspect of the body – Viewing of In Mostra at Artissima 2016

Established as one of the regular additions to the Artissima art fair, In Mostra special project was invented as a secluded exhibition, aiming to promote the quality and importance of the collections from around Turin and the region. Curated specially, this art show brings together pieces selected according to the curatorial theme, which revolves around the artistic exploration of the body.

#ArtissimaLive — KABUL feat. Artissima – track #6

Tobi Maier e Natalia Sielewicz a ‘What is Experimental’: secondo incontro curato da Stefano Collicelli Cagol ad Artissima

La redazione di KABUL magazine ha deciso di rendere disponibili, all’interno del sito, le registrazioni audio di alcuni dei talk di Artissima2016. What is Experimental è un talk diviso in due incontri, a cura di Stefano Collicelli Cagol, che vede la partecipazione di alcuni curatori di spazi e realtà no-profit e indipendenti. L’obiettivo è di affrontare un’indagine sulla sperimentazione di modelli espositivi e di produzione, attraverso l’analisi di alcuni casi studio.

#ArtissimaLive — Artissima 2016 is full of prizes for artists!

One of the greatest aspects of Artissima, the biggest art fair in Italy and beyond, is their support and promotion of contemporary artists through numerous prizes. Awarded in collaboration with many partners, these are given to the most exceptional individuals within the many sections of the event’s comprehensive exhibition program. This year is no exception, as a total of seven of them are assigned by the esteemed members of the juries from around the world, recognizing the creativity and dedication of today’s most exciting artists. What can the visitors expect this time round at the Oval Lingotto in Turin?