#ArtissimaLive. Present Future Special_issue#1

We are starting our special editorials about the Present Future section of Artissima 2015. We chose to talk about the youngest artists of the fair, representing them through their statement and the works they are going to show in Torino. Follow us and the hashtag #ArtissimaLive! Ingrid Luche, Flying (after TD), 2012/13, dyptich, inkjet print…


Peter Eleey: What is your art about?
Darren Bader: My art is about what I think art might be about. By this I think I mean that there’s this quantity/entity that people consider to be art, and my wish to (make) art involves trying to figure out the locus of this quantity/entity. And maybe that’s all my art is about—where this “art” quantity and entity lie together, so to speak. Lie/lie.

#ArtissimaLive. Interview | Tomorrow Gallery

The 22nd edition of Artissima opens its doors to the public from 6/11 – 8/11/2015. With a great number of initiatives, Turin is very international, when it comes to visual arts. We’ve talked to Tara Downs – Co-Founder of New York-based Tomorrow Gallery – about their participation and the art market …   What is the story behind the name of your…


Rachal Bradley
Out of Season 7, 2012
Rachal Bradley will be at Artissima 2015 with Gregor Steiger, Zurich

In these works, the writing and rewriting of language is deployed as both the system of organisation, the determinate agent and outcome. And if this presentation can occupy and hold a subjunctive mode, how can it be put to work? Programmed to do one’s bidding. The subtext of the programme, and programming is an important one. It is a mode of writing and commanding with a remarkable set of specificities. In her work with and on coding, composer, humanist software developer and animal rehabilitator Laurie Spiegel writes of the profound ways in which coding shapes your mind whilst you, the programmer, actively, semiotically and materially shape it right back. Fibres and tissue actively working on each other.

#ArtissimaLive. An Interview with Sarah Cosulich

Under her now four-year guidance, Artissima has become a proper force to be reckoned with among the world’s biggest art fairs. Sarah Cosulich Canarutto is someone with a rich background in curating, which reaches events as big as the Venice Biennale – for the 50th edition, she was the assistant to Director Francesco Bonami. But…


Boston’s #RenoirSucksAtPainting Protesters Say
Exhibiting the Impressionist Is “Aesthetic Terrorism”
by Claire Voon on October 6, 2015

Another day, another protest at a museum. Not against labor conditions, the treatment of museum staff, or kimonos, however, but this time against Pierre-Auguste Renoir, the over-4,000 paintings the French painter executed over his lifetime, and their prominence in museums around the world.